Accessibility Statement

Akumulátor, the creator of this website declares that these sites fulfill all important accessibility principles of Blind Friendly Web (project United organization of purblind and blinds) as well as WCAG 1.0.

All texts are defined in relative units and can be simply magnified and decreased by standard tools of web browsers. Layout and controls are designed so that the pages are available for alternative browsers and also for persons with specific needs.

Information provided by pictures are also available in text form.

The layout and content is created using structural XHTML 1.0 Strict. Visual presentation uses cascading style sheets (CSS 3); the informative value of the web is maintained even without their use. The cascade styles can be switched off by standard functions of internet browsers (if they support this feature).

Technical Presentation Manager

If you find anything in these pages, what might not answer demands of accessability, contact us, please. We will take steps to remedy these shortcomings.